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bible blog 1003

ARTOS=BREAD (In the original Greek of the Prayer of Jesus, Luke 11). Here it stands for the community of readers who are saying the prayer daily at the start of their day. Father may your name be kept holy may your kingdom come. Give us today the bread we need and forgive us the wrongs […]

bible blog 1002

Today this blog continues to offer the Prayer of Jesus in the shorter version found in Luke 11, inviting any who would like to do so, to say it every morning as part of a world -wide group who are committed to doing this. I’m calling the group ARTOS after the Greek word for bread used […]

bible blog 1001

Since yesterday there s a new feature to this blog which is called ARTOS, the Greek word for bread used in the Prayer of Jesus. Through the blog I am encouraging people to use the short version of this prayer-found in Luke Chapter 11- at the start of each day, in fellowship with each other […]

bible blog 1000

ARTOS   Today this blog begins a new life. It will have one new important feature, namely, the Prayer of Jesus, also called the Lord’s Prayer or Our Father, which will be printed everyday, with an invitation to join a world -wide family of people committed to saying this prayer daily. The prayer is suitable […]

bible blog 999

Just one more blog and the archive reaches 1000! I don’t think the back numbers are irrelevant, although they contain marks of their dates of origin. Even I can benefit from what I gleaned from the bible on a particular day in the past. It might work for you also. Today’s blog is based on the […]

bible blog 998

As I take this blog towards the 1000 mark, I want to thank readers who been here from the start and those who’ve joined since and those who visit occasionally. The sense of community is important in this as in any venture. Although the only order in the near 1000 blogs is that of the […]

bible blog 998

bible blog 997

You may like to take a look at the archive (right hand of page) as bible blog nears its 1000 posts. A nuber of you have journeyed with me from the start, and others have joined along the road. I’ve been very grateful for your company.   Saturday’s blog provides a meditation on the Episcopal […]

bible blog 996

Today’s blog finds that the Episcopal reading is one of the most beautiful in the scriptures. Headline today: British Aid Agencies launch Syrian appeal John 12:1-1o Mary Anoints Jesus 12Six days before the Passover Jesus came to Bethany, the home of Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead.2There they gave a dinner for him. […]

bible blog 995

PLEASE SHARE MY PLEASURE AS I NEAR COMPLETION OF 1000 BIBLE BLOGS. YOU MAY FIND IT INTERESTING TO SEARCH THE ARCHIVE ACCORDING TO DATE OR BIBLE PASSAGE (E.G. EMMOCK.COM /JOHN 3:16) Today’s blog uses the Episcopal daily reading along with a headline from world news: Planck Satellite maps of universe confirm Big Bang theory John […]