Here I continue my translation of Psalms 42-72, with a brief commentary PSALM 52 For the choir leader. A psalm for David, when Doeg the Edomite came to Saul saying that David had gone to Abimelech’s house. Why are you boasting, big man, Of wrong done against decent people? Your tongue is ready to cut […]

This blog continues my translation of Psalms 42 with a short commentary.   PSALM 51 For the choir leader. A psalm for David, when Nathan the prophet came to him after he had sex with Bathsheba. God be merciful to me in your faithful love; out of your motherly tenderness wipe away my offence; Tread […]

This blog continues my translation of Psalms 42-72, with a short commentary. PSALM 50 A Psalm for Asaph The divine one, Yahweh God, speaks and calls the earth from sunrise to sunset. From the complete splendour of Zion, God shines. Our God’s arrival is not quiet: Fire eats its way before him; around him is […]

This blog continues my translation with comment of the second book of Psalms, that is psalms 42 -72. PSALM 49 Hear this, all you peoples!  Pay attention, you dwellers on earth! Common people and nobility together, Rich and poor alike! My mouth will speak wise words; My mind will whisper its intelligence. I will consider […]

Translation of Psalm 48 with comment   PSALM 48 A song. A psalm of the Korahites. Yahweh is great And most worthy of praise  in the city of our God! The mountain of his holy presence,  A lovely eminence Is the joy of the whole land; Zion hill, away in the North, Is the city […]

This blog is part of a series of translations and comments on Psalms 42-72 the second  book of Psalms. (see preceding blogs) PSALM 47 Fot the choir leader. A psalm of the Korahites. All nations, clap your hands! Shout to God with cries of joy! For Yahweh, God Most High, brings terror, He is a […]

Pslam 46 translated with commentary PSALM 46 For the choir leader; from the Korahites; To “Alamoth”; a song. God is our shelter and our strength A help very easily found in adversity; so we will not be afraid even if earth is altered or mountains crumble into the midst of the sea; if its waters […]

Psalm 42 translation and comment For the choir leader. To “Lilies” A maskil of the Korahites, a love song.   My heart is bubbling with a good word; I will speak my composition to the King; my tongue is the stylus of a quick scribe.   You are the loveliest of Adam’s sons; kindliness flows […]

Another psalm with translation and brief comment PSALM 44 God, We have heard it with our own ears; our fathers bave told us of the deed you did in their days, in ancient times: You with your own hand Weeded out the nations and planted Israel; broke the peoples and let your people go; For […]

This blog continues a project of translating and commenting upon the second book of Psalms PSALM 43 Defend me, God! plead my case against a people without conscience! save me from the crafty man and his injustice! For you, God, you are my stronghold; so why have you thrown me out? Why do I go […]