ROMANS 7: 7-end Am I saying that the Law is Sin? Not at all. But I would not have known Sin without the Law, as I would not have known about coveting if the Law had not said, “You shall not covet”. Then Sin, taking advantage through the commandment, produced in me all sorts of […]

ROMANS7: 1-6 Perhaps you don’t realise, brothers and sisters,- I’m speaking to those who know the Jewish Law- that the Law only applies to people as long as they are alive? So a married woman is bound by Law to her living husband but if the husband dies she is released from the marriage bond. […]

ROMANS 6: 12-end Do not allow Sin to rule in your mortal body to make you obey its desires.And do not offer parts of your body as instruments of wrongdoing but offer yourselves to God as people raised from death to life and your bodily parts to God as instruments of justice. For Sin should […]

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen! Yes, this is my two thousandth blog on this site. With some gaps for holidays, family joys and sorrows and work commitments, it has continued at the rate of four or five blogs per week for some eight years. It has engaged […]

ROMANS 6: 1-11 So am I saying that we should keep on sinning so that God’s favour may increase? Certainly not! If we’ve “died” to sin, how can we still live in it? Don’t you know that all of us who have been baptised into Messiah Jesus were baptised into his death? We were buried […]

ROMANS 5: 9-end If now, in his blood, we have been made into just people, how much more shall we be rescued by him from God’s anger! For if while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his son, so much more now we shall be rescued by his life.Not […]

ROMANS 5 So, since we have been made into just people by our trust, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Messiah. Through his faithfulness we also have a way into this divine goodwill in which we stand and boast – in hope! – of the glory of God. Not only that, we […]

ROMANS 4: 13-25 It was not through the Jewish Law that the promise was made to Abraham or his offspring of  inheriting the world, but through the justice of trust, for if inheritance comes through the Law, trust is empty and the promise is void. (The Law produces God’s anger, but if there’s no Law, there’s no deviation.) […]

ROMANS 4 So how will I speak about what my genetic forefather Abraham has found? For if Abraham became a just man by his own work he has reasons for self- promotion (although not in God’s court!). What does Scripture say? Abraham put his trust in God and it was added to his account as […]

ROMANS 1-3 TRANSLATED MIKE MAIR 2016 From Paul, a slave of Jesus Messiah, called as an Emissary and set apart as a preacher of the Joyful News that God had announced earlier through his prophets in the holy writings: about his Son.  A flesh and blood descendant of King David, he was installed in power […]