This blog continues a project of translating and commenting upon the second book of Psalms PSALM 43 Defend me, God! plead my case against a people without conscience! save me from the crafty man and his injustice! For you, God, you are my stronghold; so why have you thrown me out? Why do I go […]

Today I begin another project of translation and comment: the second book of psalms which begins with Psalm 42. I have previously completed book 1,that is, Psalms 1-41. PSALM 42 Just as the deer cries for the watercourse my soul cries for you my God; my soul thirsts for God, the lifegiving God. When shall […]

I thought I’d completed my translation of Philippians but I’d missed the final greetings. Here they are: Philippians 4 Share my greetings with all the holy ones in Messiah Jesus. The brothers and sisters here with me send their greetings, indeed all the holy ones send greetings, above all those of the Imperial Household! The […]

This new blossoming of your concern for me has brought me great happiness in the Lord – yes, you were always concerned, but had no way of showing it. I don’t mean that I lacked anything, for I’ve learned to be self-sufficient whatever my circumstances. I know how to be drab and how to be splendid; in […]

I’ve reached the final chapter of Paul’s letter to the church assembly at Philippi, which I am translating with a brief commentary. So, brothers and sisters whom I love and miss, my crowning joy, stand firm in the Lord, as I have taught you, my dears. I call on Euodia, and I call on Syntyche, […]

This blog continues my translation and brief commentary on Paul’s letter to Philippians. Philippians 3: 15 to end Grown-up believers should think in this way; and if you think differently, God will show you also this truth. Only let’s walk by what we’ve grasped. Be joint – imitators of me, my dears, and keep your eyes […]

This blog continues my translation of the letter to Philippians, with a brief commentary. PHILIPPIANS 3 Look out for those dogs, those wicked workmen, those EXcisers-for we’re the true CIRCUMcisers, who worship in the spirit of God, who boast in Messiah Jesus, and have no faith in flesh and blood -even though I might put […]

I intend (in the Lord Jesus) to send Timothy to you soon, so that I may be cheered up by getting news of you. For I don’t have anyone else with as natural a concern for your interests. (They’re all looking after their own affairs, rather than Jesus Messiah’s.) But you know Timothy’s tried and tested […]

So, my dears, as you have always been good listeners, not only when I was with you, but now even more in my absence, keep on working at your own rescue with fear and trembling, For it’s God who energises you to will and to work according to his good design. Do everything without muttering or argument, […]

  This blog continues my translation of Philippians with a brief commentary PHILIPPIANS 2  So if you are encouraging each other in Messiah, persuading each other by love, sharing each other’s lives in the spirit; if you are moved by compassion; complete my happiness by thinking the same thoughts, holding the same love, with one accord […]