I continue with my project of translating the First Letter of Peter with a brief commentary 1 PETER chapter 2 With that in mind, get rid of all malice and all cunning, all play-acting and spite, and all bad-mouthing. Like newborn babies crave the unadulterated rational milk, so that you may grow up towards God’s […]

This blog continues my project of translating the First Letter of Peter with a brief commentary. 1st Peter 1: verse 17 forward And if you address as “father” the One who judges every one by his actions without favouritism, lead your life with reverent fear during the time of your sojourn on the earth, knowing […]

Again I am continuing my translation of The first letter of Peter, with a running commentary. Chapter1 from v 10 It was about this “rescue” that they searched thoroughly, those prophets who prophesied of the kindness which would be for you. They were seeking to know what person or time the spirit of Messiah within […]

This blog continues my new project of translation of the first letter of Peter, with a short commentary. Chapter 1 from verse 3 Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Messiah, by whose large mercy we have been reborn into a lively hope, through the raising up of Jesus Messiah from the […]

I think that in the course of blogging I have somehow omitted to examine the First Letter of Peter, although I enjoy reading it. For my next project on this site I’m going to translate it from Greek and provide an informal commentary. It claims to have been written by “Petros, an Emissary of Jesus […]

Again I would ask the indulgence of my readers if I use this blog to engage with serious criticism from one valued reader, Ksarant, whose comments can be seen at blogs 2218 and 2219, and in the Appendix below.  In dealing with his comments on my interpretation of Romans chapter 5, I will transliterate Greek […]

I have been examining biblical passages to show the role imagination plays in constructing faith. The comments of my friend Ksarant on  bible blog 2218 have led me to take another example from St. Paul to show why I disagree with him. Romans chapter 5 (my translation) So, since we have been made into just […]

In this blog I am continuing my study of the imagination of faith, by turning to a typical passage of argument by St. Paul. You might think that, in comparison with the great visions examined in past blogs, argumentative material, especially by St.Paul would be relatively barren of imagination. I hope to persuade you otherwise. […]

This blog continues yesterday’s reflection on The Revelation chapter 5 and will not be understood without it (Bible blog 2216). A number of questions arise from the vision: 1. Is the vision merely an artistic device which allows the author to communicate a set theology? You might argue that his extensive use of imagery from […]

In this blog, I will examine another passage from The Revelation, with a view to discovering new insights into the imagining of God by biblical writers. The Revelation chapter 5 Then I saw in the right hand of the one seated on the throne a scroll written on the inside and on the back, sealed[a] […]