St. Matthew and the Angel by Rembrandt I am about to begin a study of Matthew’s narrative of the birth of Jesus, and decided to use one of my favourite paintings as an introduction. It is of course one of the most beautiful of all paintings, giving the contrast between the craggy, worn, masculine face […]

I am interrupting my usual blogging to place here my completed translation of Paul’s letter to Romans which I have been examining day by day in my last sequence of blogs. THE LETTER OF PAUL to ROMANS Preface This translation was originally produced piecemeal for my more or less daily Bible Blog ( along with […]

ROMANS 15 I am sure of you, brothers and sisters, that you are indeed full of goodness, complete in knowledge and able to keep one another up to the mark. But on some matters I’ve written to you very freely, as a reminder, out of the kindness given me by God.  This made me a […]

ROMANS 15 We who are able ought to carry the frailties of those who are unable, and ought not to please ourselves. Each of us should please his neighbour for the general good, to build people up. For Messiah did not please himself, but as Scripture says, “The abuse of your abusers fell upon me.” […]

ROMANS 14 Welcome people who are weak in trust, but not with disputes about matters of opinion!  One person believes in eating all foods, while the “weak” person eats vegetable only. The one who eats must not despise the one who doesn’t; nor the one who doesn’t stand in judgement on the one who does, […]

Owe nothing to anyone except love of one another, since the person who loves another has done all that the Jewish Law requires. For “You shall not commit adultery, kill, steal, covet” and the rest are summed up in this command, “You shall love your neigbour as yourself.” Love does no wrong to a neighbour, […]

ROMANS 13 Let everyone be subject to the ruling powers for there is no authority which is not from God: existing authorities are appointed by God. Anyone therefore who stands against the authorities stands against what God has appointed; those who do so will bring judgement upon themselves. Rulers are not a terror to good […]

ROMANS 12: 9-end Love should be without pretence. Shrink from evil, stick to the good. Show kindly affection to one another as loving brothers and sisters, taking the lead in giving honour to each other. Don’t be backward in business but quick in spirit as slaves of the Lord. Be happy in hope, patient under […]

ROMANS 12: 1-8 I entreat you brothers and sisters, through the yearning of God, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and well-pleasing to God, which is your reasonable worship. Do not be shaped in the pattern of this present age but be re-shaped by the renewal of your intelligence, that you may […]

ROMANS 11:11 So I ask you, did they err so that they might have a fall? Certainly not! On the contrary, through their falling away God’s rescue has come to the Gentiles, so as to make Israel envious. But I’m speaking with you Gentiles. In so far as I am the “Emissary to the Gentiles” […]