Sweet soul, do with me as thou wilt;I lull a fancy trouble-tostWith `Love’s too precious to be lost,A little grain shall not be spilt.’ And in that solace can I sing,Till out of painful phases wroughtThere flutters up a happy thought,Self-balanced on a lightsome wing: Since we deserved the name of friends,And thine effect so […]

Dost thou look back on what hath been,As some divinely gifted man,Whose life in low estate beganAnd on a simple village green; Who breaks his birth’s invidious bar,And grasps the skirts of happy chance,And breasts the blows of circumstance,And grapples with his evil star; Who makes by force his merit knownAnd lives to clutch the […]

Yet pity for a horse o’er-driven,And love in which my hound has part,Can hang no weight upon my heartIn its assumptions up to heaven; And I am so much more than these,As thou, perchance, art more than I,And yet I spare them sympathy,And I would set their pains at ease. So mayst thou watch me […]

Tho’ if an eye that’s downward castCould make thee somewhat blench or fail,Then be my love an idle tale, And fading legend of the past; And thou, as one that once declined,When he was little more than boy,On some unworthy heart with joy,But lives to wed an equal mind; And breathes a novel world, the […]

If, in thy second state sublime,Thy ransom’d reason change repliesWith all the circle of the wise,The perfect flower of human time; And if thou cast thine eyes below,How dimly character’d and slight,How dwarf’d a growth of cold and night,How blanch’d with darkness must I grow! Yet turn thee to the doubtful shore,Where thy first form […]

He past; a soul of nobler tone:My spirit loved and loves him yet,Like some poor girl whose heart is setOn one whose rank exceeds her own. He mixing with his proper sphere,She finds the baseness of her lot,Half jealous of she knows not what,And envying all that meet him there. The little village looks forlorn;She […]

O Sorrow, wilt thou live with meNo casual mistress, but a wife,My bosom-friend and half of life;As I confess it needs must be; O Sorrow, wilt thou rule my blood,Be sometimes lovely like a bride,And put thy harsher moods aside,If thou wilt have me wise and good. My centred passion cannot move,Nor will it lessen […]

In those sad words I took farewell:Like echoes in sepulchral halls,As drop by drop the water fallsIn vaults and catacombs, they fell; And, falling, idly broke the peaceOf hearts that beat from day to day,Half-conscious of their dying clay,And those cold crypts where they shall cease. The high Muse answer’d: `Wherefore grieveThy brethren with a […]

Peace; come away: the song of woeIs after all an earthly song:Peace; come away: we do him wrongTo sing so wildly: let us go. Come; let us go: your cheeks are pale;But half my life I leave behind:Methinks my friend is richly shrined;But I shall pass; my work will fail. Yet in these ears, till […]

So careful of the type?’ but no.From scarped cliff and quarried stoneShe cries, `A thousand types are gone:I care for nothing, all shall go. ‘Thou makest thine appeal to me:I bring to life, I bring to death:The spirit does but mean the breath:I know no more.’ And he, shall he, Man, her last work, who […]