Bright praise to Yah! Praise God in his holy place Praise him in the sky his stronghold. Praise him for his deeds of power Praise him to the height of his greatness. Praise him with the blare of the ram’s horn; Praise him with the lute and harp; Praise him with the tambourine and dancing; […]

Bright praise to Yah! Sing to Yahweh a new song, His praise in the assembly of caring people! May Israel be merry in her maker, The children of Zion rejoice in their King! May they adore his name with dancing Make music for him on the tambourine and the lyre. For Yahweh takes pleasure in […]

Bright praise to Yah! Praise Yahweh from the heavens, Praise him in the high places. Praise him all his messengers, Praise him all his armies. Praise him, you sun and moon, Praise him all you stars of light. Praise him you heaven of heavens And you waters that are above the heavens. Let them praise […]

Bright praise to Yah! It is good to sing to our God For it is pleasant to adorn him with praise. Yahweh is restoring Jerusalem: He gathers the scattered people of Israel; heals the broken -hearted And bandages their wounds. He counts the number of the stars Calling each one by name. Our Lord is […]

Bright praise for Yah! Bright praise for Yahweh, my soul! While I have being I will boast of Yahweh; While I live I will make music to my Lord. Put no trust in princes, Nor in Adam’s sons who can provide no safety: When their spirit leaves, they return to the soil; On that day […]

A Song of Praise. For David. An alphabetical psalm A high place I will give you, my God and king And bless your name forever and ever. Blessing you every day And praising your name forever and ever. Call Yahweh great and praise him greatly; No one can comprehend his greatness. . Down generations your […]

For David Blessings on Yahweh my rock Who hones my hands for battle And my fingers for the fray- My lover and my fastness My fort and my liberator My shield in whom I shelter, Who leaves peoples prostrate before me. . What is a man that he should matter to you, Yahweh Or a […]

A psalm for David Yahweh, please hear my prayer; Pay attention to my entreaty. Just and faithful as you are, answer me. Do not sit in judgement on your slave For no flesh is blameless before you. My adversary has harassed my soul, Smashed my life into the soil Made me dwell in dark places […]

I yell with my voice to Yahweh, With my voice I crave Yahweh’s favour. I pour out my protest to his face; To his face I tell my trouble. When my spirit is feeble You watch over my footsteps. In the pathway where I walk They have concealed a snare for me. I look to […]

A Psalm for David Yahweh I am shouting to you. Hurry to my side. Hear my voice when I howl to you Accept my prayer as incense before you, My upraised hands as an evening gift. Command a guard on my mouth Yahweh A watcher at the opening of my lips. Do not turn my […]