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bible blog 1836

PSALM 34 An Alphabetical Psalm At all times I will bless the Lord His praise will be on my lips continually. Boasting in God with my life- breath I hope modest people will hear and be happy. Come magnify the Lord with me; Let us applaud his name together. Delivering me from all my fears […]

bible blog 1835

Today’s blog continues my translation and re-reading of Psalms 1 – 41 , the first book of Psalms. PSALM 33 Be glad in the Lord, you doers of justice For praise comes well from honest people. Honour the Lord with the harp; Make music to him on the ten – stringed lyre. Sing him a […]

bible blog 1834

PSALM 32 For David, a maskil How fortunate the man whose offence is taken away Whose sin is erased! How fortunate the woman whose guilt the Lord ignores And in whose spirit there is no concealment! When I kept quiet My bones were worn thin with my howling All day long; For day and night […]

bible blog 1833

PSALM 31 (0) For the leader. A psalm of David:   2 (1) In you, Adonai, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame; in your justice, save me! 3 (2) Turn your ear toward me, come quickly to my rescue, be for me a rock of strength, a fortress to keep me safe. 4 (3) Since you are my rock […]

bible blog 1832

IN this blog I am continuing my translation and re-reading of the first book of Psalms (1-41) PSALM 30 A psalm and song at the dedication of the house: for David I will uplift you in praise, Lord For you have raised me up And have not let my enemies gloat over me. Lord my […]

bible blog 1831

I am continuing my project of translating and re-reading the first book of Psalms (1-41). PSALM 29 Ascribe to the Lord You heavenly beings, Ascribe to the Lord Splendour and power; Ascribe to the Lord The splendour of his name; Bow down to the Lord In his holy court. The voice of the Lord Upon […]

Bible Blog 1830

Psalm 28 To you I call out Lord, my rock! Do not rebuff me in silence. For if you hush your speech to me I will be like those cut off In the pit of death. Hear the voice of my prayer When I cry to you; When I lift up my hands Towards your […]


I am continuing my reading of the fist book of Psalms (1-41) usually providing a fresh translation from Hebrew and some comments. Previous psalms can be found in my archive at e.g. psalm 1   etc. BIG MACRAT (remains of rodent in burger) SHUTS MCDONALDS IN MEXICO  PSALM 27 For David The Lord is my light […]

bible blog 1828

Today I’m back at my desk after a week’s absence, to continue a reading of the first book of psalms (1-41), translating the text afresh when I have the time. It’s important to find English expressions that do justice to the blunt expressiveness of the Hebrew. Scholars will note that where the official Hebrew text […]