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Bible blog 2191

The second in a new series on translating Paul’s letter to Galatians. *I’m amazed at your speedy transfer from the one who called you in the kindness of Messiah, to another joyful message!* After brisk greetings, Paul moves abruptly to his business which is to take his readers up on their “transfer” from his message. […]

Bible blog 2190

Translating Galatians This blog is the first of a new series looking at the kind of issues faced by any translator of this and other letters of Paul. The document is presented to the reader as the text of an actual letter sent by Paul to the christian assembly in northern Galatia, possibly around 52CE. […]

Bible blog 2189

Amos 9. I saw Adonai standing beside the altar, and he said, “Strike the tops of the columns until the thresholds shake!Smash them to pieces on the heads of all the people!Those who remain I will kill with the sword;not one of them will succeed in fleeing,not one of them will escape.2 If they dig down […]

Bible blog 2188

AMOS 8 Here is what Adonai God showed me: there in front of me was a basket of end of summer fruit. 2 He asked, “‘Amos, what do you see?” I answered, “A basket of end of summer fruit.” Then Adonai said to me, “The end has come for my people,I will never again overlook their offenses.3 When that time comes, the songs […]