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Bible blog 2348 Psalm 114

When Israel exited Egypt, Jacob’s family from a people of foreign words, Judah became God’s holy house Israel his jurisdiction. The Red Sea looked and ran away; Jordan’s flow was reversed; The mountains bounded like rams The small hills like sheep of the flock. What spooked you, Sea, that you ran away Or you Jordan, […]

Bible blog 2347

Continuing a translation with comment of Psalms 107-150 PSALM 113 Hallelujah! Sing in praise, you slaves of Yahweh! Sing in praise of Yahweh’s name! May Yahweh’s name be blessed From this time to eternity! From the rising of the sun to its setting Yahweh’s name is to be praised. Yahweh is placed high above all […]

Bible blog 2346

Continuing a translation with comment on Psalms 107-150 PSALM 112 An alphabetical acrostic Alleluia! How fortunate are those who fear Yahweh! Biddings of Yahweh they obey with delight. Children of their children will be champions in the land; Descendants of the decent people will be blessed. Evermore their honesty endures, Finery and riches are in […]

Bible blog 2345

Continuing translation with comment of Psalms 107-150 PSALM 111 An Alphabetical Psalm Alleluia! With my whole heart I will praise Yahweh Before the assembled congregation of honest people. Consider the greatness of Yahweh’s actions Desired by those who delight in them; Everything is done in majesty and splendour; Firm forever his justice stands. Good reminders […]

Bible blog 2344

Continuing translation with comment on Psalms 107-150 PSALM 110 The Hebrew text of this psalm is very problematic, but I will first of all translate it as it is. A PSALM FOR DAVID A Word of Yahweh to my master: “Sit at my right side Until I set your enemies As a stool for your […]

Bible blog 2343

FACT AND FAITH – SOME EPISODES I’ve placed this blog here as well as at, my other site, because it uses a passage from the bible. I will continue my work on the psalms in my next blog. FACT Even in a comparatively sane land like Scotland, there are a significant number of people […]

Bible blog 2342

Psalms 107- 159 PSALM 109 To the master of music: A Psalm for David Do not be silent, God of my praise-song! For malicious and lying mouths are opened against me Attacking me with deceitful tongues. They surround me with syllables of hate They fight against me for no fault of mine. For my love […]

Bible blog 2341

Psalms 107-150 translated with comment PSALM 108 This is a composite psalm, verses 1-5 = Psalm 57: 7-11 and verses 6-13 = Psalm 60:5-12. The editors who did this have shown some skill as the fragments fit well, and make some sense as an affirmation of God’s help and power, while pointing out that He […]