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Christian hope of resurrection comes from two sources 1. The Judaism of the Pharisees, for whom it was an extension of classic Jewish faith in a Creator God, who had a special relationship with them, as those who would reveal his nature to the world, as part of his inclusive plan to perfect his creation. […]

Blog 2295

My dear daughter died this week. She was many joys to me, but one of the best was as my climbing buddy over the years. ELEANOR MAIR 1971 – 2020 Excuse me saying you were competitive When climbing mountains with me. Young And fit from heavy backpacks you would drive Robustly upwards past me if […]

Bible blog 2294

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 7 7  My son, pay close attention     and don’t forget     what I tell you to do. 2  Obey me, and you will live!     Let my instructions be     your greatest treasure. 3  Keep them at your fingertips     and write them     in your mind. 4  Let wisdom be […]

Bible blog 2293n

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 6 (Contemporary English. Version) My child, suppose you agree to pay the debt of someone,     who cannot repay a loan. 2  Then you are trapped     by your own words, 3      and you are now in the power     of someone else. Here is what you should do:     Go […]

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THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 5 5 My son, if you listen closely     to my wisdom and good sense, you will have sound judgment,     and you will always know     the right thing to say. The words of a separate woman may be as sweet as honey     and as smooth as olive oil. […]

Bible blog 2291

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 4 4 My child, listen closely to my teachings     and learn common sense. My advice is useful,     so don’t turn away. When I was still very young     and my mother’s favorite child,     my father said to me: “If you follow my teachings     and keep them in mind,     you […]

Bible blog 2290

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 3 LEAF BY PAUL KLEE 3 My child, remember my teachings and instructions     and obey them completely. They will help you live     a long and prosperous life. Let love and loyalty always show like a necklace,     and write them in your mind. God and people will like […]

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THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY PROVERBS 2 2  My child, you must follow and treasure     my teachings     and my instructions. 2  Keep in tune with wisdom     and think what it means     to have common sense. 3  Beg as loud as you can     for good common sense. 4  Search for wisdom     as you […]

Bible blog 2288

PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 1 1  The proverbs of Solomon, King David’s son, from Israel: 2  Their purpose is to teach wisdom and discipline,     to help one understand wise sayings. 3  They provide insightful instruction,     which is righteous, just, and full of integrity. 4  They make the naive mature,     the young knowledgeable and […]

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An Easter Image But Thomas (who was called the Twin), one of the twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, ‘We have seen the Lord.’ But he said to them, ‘Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger in the mark […]