Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bible blog 2174

Today I proceed with my translation with commentary of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians 1 THESSALONIANS 2 Indeed you know, brothers and sisters, that we did not arrive amongst you empty-handed, but after we had already suffered and been spitefully abused in Philippi, we found confidence in God to speak the Joyful News to you, […]

Bible blog 2173

In my last blog I brought to completion my translation with commentary of Psalms 42-72, the second “book” of the Psalms. In this blog I return to the New Testament, perhaps with a sense of release, to translate and comment on Paul’s Letter to Thessalonians, which is both his first letter and the earliest written […]

Bible blog 2172

This blog brings to an end my project of translating with a brief commentary, the second book of The Psalms, numbers 42-72. R 72 For Solomon God, give your good judgement to the king, and your justice to a king’s son! May he rule your people with justice and your poor with good judgement; May […]

Bible Blog 2171

This continues my translation with commentary of Psalms 42-72. As Psalm 70 is a doublet of Psalm 40, which I have already translated, I will omit it here. PSALM 71 In you, Yahweh, I am putting my trust; may I never be put to shame! In your justice deliver me and help me escape; Listen […]

Bible blog 2169

This blog continues my translation with commentary of Psalms 42-72 PSALM 69 To the Choir Leader. To the tune “Lilies” For David. Rescue me, God because the water is up to my neck. I’m sinking in deep mud without foothold; I’m in deep water and the current takes me. Exhausted with crying out, my throat is […]

Bible blog 2168

This blog continues my series of translations with brief commentary of Psalms 42-72 PSALM 68 To the choir leader. A Psalm for David. A song. Let God rise up; Let his enemies be scattered; Let God- haters run away from his face. Let them be dispersed like smoke! Like wax melting before a fire, let […]