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I am 73 years old, a Scot born in Perth, Scotland, growing up in Glasgow, educated at Glasgow University in Arts and Theology, specialising in New Testament. I was ordained in 1968 as a minister of the Church of Scotland, ministering in Edinburgh, Clydeside, Coventry, Aberdeen and lastly Dundee, where I now live in semi-retirement. I enjoy running and climbing, find myself free to travel a bit in Europe, continue to read widely, and write fiction and theology. I have always believed that there cannot be two truths, one of science and the other of faith, and have tried to think in a unified way. The condition of the poor in the U.K and throughout the world continues to make me angry. I believe that the post-war British government came as near to the kingdom of God as we are likely to get in politics.  I like a drink, too, by the way.


  1. Jackie Durkee · · Reply

    I like your blog and devotion. I’m going to add you to my google reader, so I can be reminded to read them every day.

  2. Cameron Merriweather · · Reply

    Donald Goskirk gave me your blog address and suggested I might find it interesting. (Which it is)
    I presume that you are Rev Michael Mair.

    Kind regards


  3. Carolyn Hogg · · Reply


    well done for your interesting blog, now let’s encourage the congregation to embrace this for of bible study. Church is not just about meeting on a Sunday morning or at kirk sessions.


    1. Thanks, Carolyn, I’m glad you find it interesting. I’m not sure about the congregation-if I meant it to be uesed that way I’d have to think about the audience, maybe give more explanation etc. At present I do it for me and all who find it valuable. Perhaps I should do something for church members.
      …for example recently I suggested that the stuck up clergy of St. Paul’s Cathedral were going to spend part of eternity in the devil’s asshole-this might not be entirely suitable for bible study?
      Seriously I think we should be doing the kind of thing you suggest.
      warm regards

  4. Carolyn Hogg · · Reply

    Will suggests you set up a web page devil’sasshole.com with a link to your blog!!

    but really we should learn to embrace this form of communication so that the brain cells and the soul are stimulated.

    best wishes,


    1. Yeah, thanks Will, I’ll give that some thought. And yes, I agree with Carolyn about using this and other media. Keep the comments coming!

  5. Terry Lautz, Syracuse University, USA · · Reply

    Dear Rev. Mair,
    Thank you for your meaningful reflections. I discovered your site because I am researching missionaries in China and am seeking information about Audrey Mair, who was with the British Red Cross during WWII. Are you related and, if so, would you be willing to tell me about her? Yours sincerely, Prof. Terry Lautz

  6. realmarklandry · · Reply

    Me too on that last bit. Us seminary/theological folk need a bit of help now and again 🙂

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