Monthly Archives: May 2018

Bible blog 2146

Psalm 42 translation and comment For the choir leader. To “Lilies” A maskil of the Korahites, a love song.   My heart is bubbling with a good word; I will speak my composition to the King; my tongue is the stylus of a quick scribe.   You are the loveliest of Adam’s sons; kindliness flows […]

Bible blog 2145

Another psalm with translation and brief comment PSALM 44 God, We have heard it with our own ears; our fathers bave told us of the deed you did in their days, in ancient times: You with your own hand Weeded out the nations and planted Israel; broke the peoples and let your people go; For […]

Bible blog 2144

This blog continues a project of translating and commenting upon the second book of Psalms PSALM 43 Defend me, God! plead my case against a people without conscience! save me from the crafty man and his injustice! For you, God, you are my stronghold; so why have you thrown me out? Why do I go […]

Bible Blog 2143

Today I begin another project of translation and comment: the second book of psalms which begins with Psalm 42. I have previously completed book 1,that is, Psalms 1-41. PSALM 42 Just as the deer gasps for the watercourse my soul cries for you my God; my soul thirsts for God, the lifegiving God. When shall […]

Bible blog 2142

I thought I’d completed my translation of Philippians but I’d missed the final greetings. Here they are: Philippians 4 Share my greetings with all the holy ones in Messiah Jesus. The brothers and sisters here with me send their greetings, indeed all the holy ones send greetings, above all those of the Imperial Household! The […]