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Bible blog 2270

Another Bible animal THE DONKEY The donkey is the most-mentioned animal in the Bible, the majority in the Old Testament. The common domestic donkey is chamor in Hebrew. The female is athone and the foal, ayir. The wild donkey is seen almost as a different species, in Hebrew, peré. The domestic donkey was the common […]

Bible blog 2269i

Another Bible animal BEHEMOTH from Job 40: 15ff Look at Behemoth,     which I made just as I made you;     it eats grass like an ox. Its strength is in its loins,     and its power in the muscles of its belly. It makes its tail stiff like a cedar;     the sinews of its thighs are knit […]

Bible blog 2268

Animals in the Bible 2 THE BEAR Hebrew for Bear is Dov, and it appears in many books of the Old Testament; the Greek is arktos which appears in Revelation 13:2 where only its feet are mentioned. Typically it is mentioned not for itself but as an instance of savagery. David, about to face Goliath, […]

Bible blog 2267p.

THE HARE This is the first in a series of blogs which will focus on some of the animals mentioned in Scripture, but will be a bit different from the little illustrated article entitled,”Animals of the Bible” in the beautifully produced “Scholar’s Bible” which I used as a child. It also had a similar article […]

Bible blog 2266

This continues my translation with comment of The Letter to Colossians   COLOSSIANS 4:7ff Tychicus, my dear brother, faithful helper and co-slave of the Master, will let you know all my news. I have sent him to you for that very reason, to let you know about us, and to strengthen your hearts – and […]

Bible blog 2265

This continues my translation with comment of the Letter to Colossians COLOSSIANS4:2 ff Persevere in prayer, remain alert and be thankful; and pray for me too, that God may open a door for the message, for speaking the mystery of Messiah, -as a result of which I am under restraint – so that I may […]

Bible blog 2264

This blog continues my translation with comment on the Letter to Colossians COLOSSIANS 3:18ff Wives, subordinate yourselves to your husbands, as is appropriate in the Master. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be bitter towards them. Children, be completely obedient to your parents, for this is agreeable to the Master. Fathers, do not exasperate […]

Bible blog 2263.

COLOSSIANS 3: 12 As God’s chosen ones, loved and set apart, clothe yourselves in heartfelt compassion, kindness, modesty, gentleness, and constancy. Bear with one another and if you have cause to complain, forgive; as the master has forgiven you, so must you in turn. To all of these, add love, which binds them together and […]