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Bible blog 2214

This is my final blog on the meaning of Ezekiel chapter 1. Now I want to return to the vision of the divine chariot. The war chariot had been developed from around 2000BCE and was a standard weapon in battles where the terrain suited it, especially in steppe and desert. Israel/ Judah was not especially […]

Bible blog 2213

This blog continues my reflections on Ezekiel chapter 1. I have given my own imaginative comprehension of Ezekiel’s vision of God, but here I want to add a more neutral consideration of his imaginative work. We may think that the bulk of the material in the biblical book was communicated through preaching to the Jewish […]

Bible blog 2212

This blog continues the reflection on Ezekiel 1 -2/1 which I began in my previous blog. I concluded that Ezekiel’s vision arose from his imagination, which used elements from his faith tradition to build up a compelling image of God, which he also experienced as a revelation of God. I wrote that that his vision […]

Bible blog 2211

I am resuming this blog after a gap, with apologies to my former readers. We had two family deaths in one week a month or so back, which required attention.  In my next few blogs I want to reflect on the role of the human imagination in matters of faith, using some key passages from […]