Bible blog 2346

Continuing a translation with comment on Psalms 107-150

PSALM 112 An alphabetical acrostic

Alleluia! How fortunate are those who fear Yahweh!

Biddings of Yahweh they obey with delight.

Children of their children will be champions in the land;

Descendants of the decent people will be blessed.

Evermore their honesty endures,

Finery and riches are in their house.

Gleams in the darkness a light for the decent ones:

He who is gracious, kindly and just.

It goes well for those who lend generously ;

Justice is the basis of their business.

Know this: they shall not ever be moved;

Lasting remembrance belongs to the just.

Messages of misfortune do not make them afraid;

Nothing shifts their hearts, they hope in Yahweh.

On firm rock they lean, they will not be afraid.

Persisting until they look down on their enemies.

Quietly they scattered, they gave to the needy, their justice endures forever.

Resplendent will be their reputation!

Seeing this, the wicked are grieved

They grind their teeth and dissolve in frustration:

Urges of wicked people will perish.

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