This blog resumes my translation of book three of the psalms PSALM 78 Pay attention my people, to my teaching Turn your ears to the words of my mouth. I will open my mouth with a proverb; I will pour out wisdom from the past, which we have heard and understood, which our fathers passed […]

This blog is a relaxation of discipline on a beautiful Sunday morning, when the clocks have gone back overnight to start Scottish winter time, providing extra light in the mornings at the expense of afternoons when light vanishes around 4-30pm. We perceive what we call time in a huge variety of ways through our culture, […]

Translation of the third book of psalms (73-89) with comment PSALM 77 To the choirmaster, tune: Yeduthun. An Asaph psalm. My voice to God: I cry in distress; My voice to God: he will turn to me. In the day of my distress, I look to the Lord; At night my hand is reached out […]

The third book of psalms (73-89) translated with comment PSALM 76 (The hebrew text of this psalm has probably been messed up by scribes at a number of points) To the choirmaster, to stringed instruments, an Asaph psalm, a song. God has become known in Judah; In Israel his name is great; His pavilion is […]

The third book of Psalms (73-89) translation and comment PSALM 75 To the choirmaster, tune: Do not destroy, an Asaph psalm, a song We give thanks to you God, we give thanks; We call on your name and number your marvels. “On the date that I decree I will judge with justice. When the earth […]

The third book of psalms ( 73-89) translation and comment PSALM 73 A Maskil of Asaph Why, God, did you spit us out so forcefully? Why does your anger smoke over your very own sheep? Bring to mind your family adopted in ancient times Bought by you as the tribe to inherit your bounty; And […]

In the course of these blogs, I have translated Psalms 1-72, and commented upon them briefly. The Hebrew collection of Psalms was arranged in five books to match the five books of the Torah, the Teaching of God. The third book begins at Psalm 73. PSALM 73 A psalm for Asaph Yes, God is good […]

This is the final blog on the First Letter of Peter, in which I sum up my experience of translating and studying it. 1. The author uses good “common” Greek, the international language of the Roman Empire, and in particular of its commerce and community life. He need not have been classically educated, indeed he […]

This blog continues my translation and study of the First Letter of Peter 1 Peter 5: 6 Bow down under God’s strong hand, so that he may lift you up at the right time. Throw all your distress upon him, for he cares about you. Be sober, be alert, for your adversary the Accuser prowls […]

This blog continues my translation and study of the First Letter of Peter 1 Peter 5:1 I am encouraging the elders among you, as your fellow elder and witness of Messiah’s sufferings, as well as a sharer in the splendour which is to be uncovered, to shepherd God’s flock in your place, not by compulsion […]