To the chief musician. A psalm for David Rescue me Yahweh from evil people; Protect me from men of violence Who plan harm in their hearts And stir up strife all the time. They tease with their tongues like snakes; A viper’s venom lurks under their lips. Exit me from evil hands, Yahweh; Protect me […]

To the chief musician. For David. A Psalm Yahweh, you have explored me and known me: You know my resting and my rising; You discern my thoughts from a distance; You watch when I walk or lie down, And are familiar with all that I am. There is not a word on the tip of […]

A psalm for David Here are my thanks to you, from a full heart: Before the Gods I will give you praise; I will bow down towards your holy building: I will give thanks to your name For your lovingkindness and your constancy; For you have given pride of place to your promise Above all […]

By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept When we remembered Zion. On the city willows We hung up our harps; For there our captors commanded song, And our minders, merriment: “Sing us one of the songs of Zion.” How can we sing a song of Yahweh on foreign soil? “Jerusalem, if […]

Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good; His love lasts forever Give thanks to the God of gods; His love lasts forever Give thanks to the Ruler of rulers; His love lasts forever To the one who alone makes great marvels His love lasts forever To the one who made the skies by his […]

Bright music for Yah! Sing the name of Yahweh, Sing praise you slaves of Yahweh Who stand in the house of Yahweh In the courts of the house of our God! Give praise to Yah for he is good; Sing to his name for it is sweet. Yah has picked out Jacob for himself, Israel […]

A song of ascents or degrees “Come bless Yahweh All you slaves of Yahweh Who stand by night In Yahweh’s house; Hold up your hands Towards the Holy Place And bless Yahweh.” “And from Zion may Yahweh bless you, Maker of heaven and earth.” The psalmist presents himself as one of a group of pilgrims […]

A song of ascents or degrees For David Oh how good and delightful it is When brothers dwell together as one! Like fine oil on the head Flowing on to the beard, The beard of Aaron; Flowing down the border, The edge of his robes. Like the hill- dew of Hermon, The dew that flows […]

A psalm of ascents or degrees Remember,Yahweh, for love of David, all his labours: How he swore a solemn oath to Yahweh Made a vow to Jacob’s Warrior: “I will not inhabit my tent-house Nor bask in my couch-bed I will not give sleep to my eyes Nor slumber to my eyelids, Until I win […]

A song of ascents or degrees. For David Yahweh, my heart is not arrogant Nor are my eyes raised on high; I do not meddle with great matters Nor in things too marvellous for me. But I have smoothed and quieted my soul Like a cherished child upon its mother. I hold my soul like […]