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Bible blog 2218

In this blog I am continuing my study of the imagination of faith, by turning to a typical passage of argument by St. Paul. You might think that, in comparison with the great visions examined in past blogs, argumentative material, especially by St.Paul would be relatively barren of imagination. I hope to persuade you otherwise. […]

Bible blog 2217

This blog continues yesterday’s reflection on The Revelation chapter 5 and will not be understood without it (Bible blog 2216). A number of questions arise from the vision: 1. Is the vision merely an artistic device which allows the author to communicate a set theology? You might argue that his extensive use of imagery from […]

Bible blog 2216

In this blog, I will examine another passage from The Revelation, with a view to discovering new insights into the imagining of God by biblical writers. The Revelation chapter 5 Then I saw in the right hand of the one seated on the throne a scroll written on the inside and on the back, sealed[a] […]

Bible blog 2215

I’m going to continue to examine texts from the Christian bible which provide examples of human beings “inventing God.” Of course the Old Testament especially takes issue with those who “invent” Gods of wood and stone as opposed to Yahweh who made the heavens and the earth. But who invented the God who made the […]

Bible blog 2214

This is my final blog on the meaning of Ezekiel chapter 1. Now I want to return to the vision of the divine chariot. The war chariot had been developed from around 2000BCE and was a standard weapon in battles where the terrain suited it, especially in steppe and desert. Israel/ Judah was not especially […]

Bible blog 2213

This blog continues my reflections on Ezekiel chapter 1. I have given my own imaginative comprehension of Ezekiel’s vision of God, but here I want to add a more neutral consideration of his imaginative work. We may think that the bulk of the material in the biblical book was communicated through preaching to the Jewish […]

Bible blog 2212

This blog continues the reflection on Ezekiel 1 -2/1 which I began in my previous blog. I concluded that Ezekiel’s vision arose from his imagination, which used elements from his faith tradition to build up a compelling image of God, which he also experienced as a revelation of God. I wrote that that his vision […]

Bible blog 2211

I am resuming this blog after a gap, with apologies to my former readers. We had two family deaths in one week a month or so back, which required attention.  In my next few blogs I want to reflect on the role of the human imagination in matters of faith, using some key passages from […]

Bible blog 2210

This blog continues my notes on translating Galatians GALATIANS 6 My dears, if people are caught out in some fall from grace, those of you who have an understanding should restore them with a gentle attitude, keeping an eye on yourselves, in case you are tempted as well. ”Lift one another’s loads” and so fulfil […]

bible blog 2209

This blog continues my notes on translating Galatians. GALATIANS 5:19 Now the actions prescribed by the flesh and blood self are evident: illicit sex, impurity, debauchery; idolatry, abuse of drugs, antagonism; wrangling, rivalry, hot-headedness; jealousy, division, party spirit; envy, drunkenness, riotous behaviour and suchlike. I tell you now as I have told you before, that […]