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Bible blog 2343

FACT AND FAITH – SOME EPISODES I’ve placed this blog here as well as at, my other site, because it uses a passage from the bible. I will continue my work on the psalms in my next blog. FACT Even in a comparatively sane land like Scotland, there are a significant number of people […]

Bible blog 2342

Psalms 107- 159 PSALM 109 To the master of music: A Psalm for David Do not be silent, God of my praise-song! For malicious and lying mouths are opened against me Attacking me with deceitful tongues. They surround me with syllables of hate They fight against me for no fault of mine. For my love […]

Bible blog 2341

Psalms 107-150 translated with comment PSALM 108 This is a composite psalm, verses 1-5 = Psalm 57: 7-11 and verses 6-13 = Psalm 60:5-12. The editors who did this have shown some skill as the fragments fit well, and make some sense as an affirmation of God’s help and power, while pointing out that He […]

Bible blog 2340

THE FIFTH BOOK OF PSALMS PSALM 107 Give thanks to the Lord for he is good: His lovingkindness lasts forever! Let those delivered by Yahweh declare it Whom he delivered from the enemy’s grasp Gathering them from all lands From the east and from the west From the north and from the south. Some wandered […]

Bible blog 2339

PSALM 106 My apologies to readers of this blog which I have neglected in favour of my other blog: PRAISE YAH! Give thanks to Yahweh for he is good, For his lovingkindness lasts forever. Who can recount the conquering strength of Yahweh Or publish all his praises? How blessed are those who follow fair […]

Bible blog 2338

Continuing my translation with comment of Psalms 90-106 PSALM 105 Celebrate Yahweh, cry out his name, Make known his deeds among the nations! Sing to him, make melody to him Mention all his miracles! Announce your pride in his holy name; May those who search for Yahweh have happy hearts! Search for Yahweh and his […]

Bible blog 2337

Continuing my translation of Psalms 90-106 PSALM 104 Bless Yahweh, my soul! Yahweh my God, you are very great You robe yourself with grace and royalty Wrapping yourself in light like a garment Spreading out the skies like a tent Resting the beams of your rooms on the waters of heaven. You make the clouds […]

Bible blog 2336

Continuing my translation with comment of Psalms 90-106 PSALM 103 For David Bless Yahweh, my soul, With all my heart bless now his holy name! Bless Yahweh, my soul, And do not forget all his good gifts! Who pardons all your depravity Who heals all your deadly diseases Who liberates your life from the Pit […]

Bible blog 2335

Continuing my translation with comment on Psalms 90-106 Psalm 102 The prayer of someone oppressed, when she grows faint and pours out her lament before Yahweh. Hear my prayer Yahweh And let my howl approach you. Do not turn your face away from me in my time of trouble; Lean towards me and listen: Answer […]

Bible blog 2334

Continuing my translation with comment of Psalms 90-106 PSALM 101 A Psalm for David I will sing of lovingkindness and justice; To you, Yahweh, I will make music. I will take heed of the wholesome way; When will it come to me? I will walk within my house in wholesomeness of heart. I will not […]