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Bible blog 2300

PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 11 My comments are inserted between verses The Lord hates anyone     who uses false measures,     but he likes everyone     who uses honest weights. YES, WHAT ABOUT THE PACKET OF BISCUITS THAT KEEPS ITS PRICE BUT REDUCES ITS CONTENTS? 2  Arrogance can put you to shame.     It’s wiser to be […]

Bible blog 2299

PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY Chapters 1-9 turn out to have been an introduction to this collection of folk wisdom attributed to Solomon. Detailed commentary would be boring, so my occasional comments are inserted into the text in capitals. CHAPTER 10  Here are some proverbs     of Solomon: Children with good sense     make their parents happy, […]

Bible blog 2298

This blog will pursue the theme of “What we all know” by continuing a study of the book of Proverbs, which is after all important evidence for that theme, while my blog will tackle the same theme in a less disciplined way. PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY PROVERBS 9 9  Wisdom has built her […]

What we all know

We all know that human beings invented God. As this is precisely the opposite of what my religion teaches, it’s necessary to repeat it in case some kindly reader thinks it’s just a careless mistake: we all know that human beings invented God, well in the first instance Gods, and later the single God. Gods […]

A New Start / What we all know

The recent untimely death of my daughter has reminded me of the fragility of our lives and the need to do or say important things now, before we are unable to do or say anything. I have decided therefore to use this blog to mention some things that we all know to be true. When […]

Bible blog 2297

Today I am resuming this blog which has been neglected because of my daughter’s death, and my thoughts about her which can be found in my other blog: THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 8 8 With great understanding,     Wisdom is calling out as she stands at the crossroads     and on every […]

Blog 2296

Christian hope of resurrection comes from two sources 1. The Judaism of the Pharisees, for whom it was an extension of classic Jewish faith in a Creator God, who had a special relationship with them, as those who would reveal his nature to the world, as part of his inclusive plan to perfect his creation. […]

Blog 2295

My dear daughter died this week. She was many joys to me, but one of the best was as my climbing buddy over the years. ELEANOR MAIR 1971 – 2020 Excuse me saying you were competitive When climbing mountains with me. Young And fit from heavy backpacks you would drive Robustly upwards past me if […]

Bible blog 2294

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 7 7  My son, pay close attention     and don’t forget     what I tell you to do. 2  Obey me, and you will live!     Let my instructions be     your greatest treasure. 3  Keep them at your fingertips     and write them     in your mind. 4  Let wisdom be […]

Bible blog 2293n

THE BOOK OF PROVERBS A CHAPTER A DAY CHAPTER 6 (Contemporary English. Version) My child, suppose you agree to pay the debt of someone,     who cannot repay a loan. 2  Then you are trapped     by your own words, 3      and you are now in the power     of someone else. Here is what you should do:     Go […]