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Bible Blog 1653

PRESIDENT SIRISENA BRINGS NEW HOPE TO INDONESIANS GENESIS 23 Now Sara’s life was one hundred and twenty years and seven, these are the years of Sara’s life. Sara died in Arba-town, that is now Hebron, in the land of Canaan. Avraham set about to lament for Sara and to weep over her; then Avraham arose […]

bible blog 1270

This blog offers a meditation on the Common Lectionary daily readings along with a headline from world news: SODA STREAM SHARES DROP IN WAKE OF CONTROVERSY OVER ITS FACTORY IN OCCUPIED PALESTINE IN SPITE OF HELP FROM SCARLETT JOHANSON Genesis 23:1-20 Good News Translation (GNT) Sarah Dies and Abraham Buys a Burial Ground 23┬áSarah lived […]