coptic church

churches burnt

This is a plea for Christian people everywhere in the world to support those who stand for non-violence in Egypt

Coptic Christian Churches have been attacked in the last week because some believers have supported the coup against President  Morsi. Christians number about 10% of the population of Egypt, and have experienced significant disadvantage and sometimes persecution over many years. They are peaceful people who deserve the active support of the world church, and the encouragement of individual believers who can use email to contact them. (

unprecedented force

unprecedented force

At the same time Christian people should understand that the Muslim Brotherhood has been a non-violent movement for many years. Doubtless some of its members have occasionally been violent, but the movement as a whole has shown great discipline in the face of unprecedented force and the killing of many hundreds of its people. While rejecting the Brotherhood’s goal of making Egypt an Islamic state, Christians should protest against the massacre of peaceful people and encourage their Muslim brothers and sisters to continue their struggle for democracy by peaceful means. (IKHWANWEB)

The solidarity of peaceful people across religious barriers can be a useful witness in a violent world. Please share it with me.

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