First reading
Job 19:21-27

Job said:

Pity me, pity me, you, my friends,
for the hand of God has struck me.
Why do you hound me down like God,
will you never have enough of my flesh?

Ah, would that these words of mine were written down,
inscribed on some monument
with iron chisel and engraving tool,
cut into the rock for ever.
This I know: that my Avenger lives,
and he, the Last, will take his stand on earth.
After my awaking, he will set me close to him,
and from my flesh I shall look on God.
He whom I shall see will take my part:
these eyes will gaze on him and find him not aloof.

This is the best translation I’ve seen of this very disputed passage in Job. The identity of Job’s avenger is not revealed; but it is clear that although there is no clear statement of resurrection (as in ” and though worms destroy this body yet in my flesh shall I see God”) neverthless there is some notion that Job will see justice beyond death.

What does it mean to say, “from my flesh”?

I don’t know, but it suggests that the flesh, that is embodied life of a person, is not irrelevant to salvation; it is not by-passed.

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