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Bible blog 1890

LUKE 10 The seventy came back jubilant. “Lord,” they said, “with your power, even the demons submit to us!” 18 Yeshua said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 Remember, I have given you authority; so you can trample down snakes and scorpions, indeed, all the Enemy’s forces; and you will […]

Bible blog 1889

Jesus and Mo. As can be seen below this problem exists for followers of Jesus as well. LUKE 10 10 After this, the Lord appointed seventy other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs to every town and place where he himself was about to go. 2 He said to them, “To be sure, […]

bible blog 1888

LUKE 9 1 As the time approached for him to be taken up, he resolutely turned his face towards Yerushalayim. 52 He sent messengers ahead of him, who went and entered a village in Samaria to make preparations for him. 53 However, the people there would not let him stay, because his destination was Yerushalayim. 54 When the disciples Ya‘akov […]

bible blog 1887

LUKE 9 6 An argument arose among the disciples as to which of them might be the greatest. 47 But Yeshua, knowing the thoughts of their hearts, took a child, stood him beside himself, 48 and said to them, “Whoever welcomes this child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the One who sent me. In […]

bible blog 1886

LUKE 9 37 The next day, as they were coming down out of the hill country, a large crowd met him. 38 Suddenly a man in the crowd shouted, “Rabbi! Look at my son, I beg you, because he’s my only child! 39 What happens is this: a spirit seizes him, and suddenly it lets out a shriek […]

bible blog 1885

LUKE 9 8 About a week after Yeshua said these things, he took Kefa, Yochanan and Ya‘akov with him and went up to the hill country to pray. 29 As he was praying, the appearance of his face changed; and his clothing became gleaming white. 30 Suddenly there were two men talking with him — Moshe and Eliyahu! […]

bible blog 1884

18 Once when Yeshua was praying in private, his disciples were with him; and he asked them, “Who are the crowds saying I am?” 19 They answered, “Yochanan the Immerser; but others say Eliyahu, and others that some prophet of long ago has risen.” 20 “But you,” he said to them, “who do you say I am?” Kefa answered, […]