Worship resources for Sunday 25th June

The readings for Sunday are:


Romans 6: 1 – 11

this passage says that in a sense we share the death and reurrection of Jesus. Our old sinful selves die with Jesus and are finished: and we rise to a new life with Jesus. The language Paul uses emphasises that some things need to die if we are to have new life. It’s a harsh teaching.

Matthew 10: 24- 39

this passage says that disciples may share some of the unpopularity of Jesus, they may be hated even by their families. But all the time the heavenly father has his eyes upon them and cares for them. Sharing the cross of Jesus is true discipleship. This is also a harsh teaching.

our worship will focus on commitment to Jesus.



in this passage Jesus teaches people that religion is not about showing off. We are to help other people and pray to God our father who sees what we do and hears what we say. We do kind things and say our  prayer because we trust God and want to please him, not for the sake of proving how good or religious we are. It’s a secret partnership that makes us happy.

This is a suitable theme for our children, and we will sing children’s songs at this service.



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