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Bible blog 2274

TRANSLATION OF EPHESIANS WITH COMMENT Now remember that once you Gentiles by birth, called “the foreskinned” by those who call themselves “the snipped”, referring to a manual operation on their flesh, remember that you were at that time outside Messiah, excluded from the state of Israel, and alienated from the covenants of the Promise, having […]

Bible blog 2273

TRANSLATION OF THE LETTER TO EPHESIANS WITH COMMENT EPHESIANS 2: 1 ff And you were dead through the crimes and sins that marked your way of living by the standards of this world, swayed by the Ruler of the Powers of the Air – the Spirit that is now working among those who refuse obedience […]

Bible blog 2272

TRANSLATION OF THE LETTER TO EPHESIANS WITH COMMENT I should have mentioned in my introduction that in the earliest manuscripts of this letter, there is no mention at all of the destination of the letter. Later MSS have the name Ephesus in the first verse. One theory is that it was a round-robin letter to […]

Bible blog 2272

Translation of the LETTER TO EPHESIANS with comment Introduction Although this letter claims to be by Paul, most scholars agree that it was written in his name some years after his death, perhaps 75-95CE, because it contains words and concepts not found in his authentic writings, and is in a style which is not his. […]

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I will shortly return to this blog with a commentary on the Letter to Ephesians. Meantime readers will find my current biblical reflections at: