Bible blog 2330

Continuing a translation with comment on Psalms 90-106


Yahweh rules; let the earth rejoice;

Let the many islands be merry!

Cloud and mirk encompass him;

Justice and fair judgement are his throne’s foundation.

Fire is in front of him,

Scorching his enemies on every side;

His lightning illumines the world;

The earth watches and wavers in fear;

Like wax the mountains melt in face of Yahweh

In face of the lord of all the earth.

The heavens proclaim his justice,

And all nations have seen his splendour.

Servants of sculpted images,

Worshippers of worthlessness, be ashamed:

All the gods bow down before him!

Zion hears and is happy;

Judah’s daughter- towns are delighted;

Because of your judgements, Yahweh!

For you are Yahweh

High God over all the earth,

Elevated over all the gods

Yahweh loves the enemies of evil;

He keeps the souls of his honest servants;

He plucks them from the power of criminals.

Light is planted amongst good people

And joy amongst the honest in heart.

Be glad in Yahweh, you good people,

And rejoice to remember his holiness.

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