Bible blog 2351

Continuing my translation of Psalms 97- 150


Praise Yahweh all you nations,

Applaud him all you peoples!

For his lovingkindness is lavished upon us

Ands his faithfulness endures forever.

Praise Yah!

Doubtless the foreign nations are being told to praise Israel’s God, because he has favoured his chosen people over them! Yahweh will not – in the view of Israel – lavish his care on other people’s, at least not until the time of the Messiah when they too will become part of God’s people. So there is an interesting irony in this brief psalm,,which again focuses on the tenderness of Yahweh to his often disobedient people; and his faithfulness to them and to his own purpose for them: to be the carrier of his blessing on all humanity. Even if the nations do not understand his methods, they will have real reason to praise him. This is the shortest psalm.

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