Worship resources

JULY 30th A cross, symbol of the victim who forgives. Only the victims understand the meaning of evil. In Jesus we are faced with the intelligence of a victim, who knows the pain of our sins, and yet forgives, enabling us to turn around, face God’s goodness and start again. The forgiveness that Jesus offers is not for the sake of the person we have been, but for the sake of the person we shall be.

AUGUST 6th: A stone, the symbol of death and the defeat of goodness. In the Gospels we are told the stone was rolled away, that Jesus is alive, and that our lives are no longer ruled by death. God’s unconquerable life is given to us. So we have to learn to roll away the stone of fear, compromise, guilt, and cowardice from our lives, so that we can live victoriously.
Readings:  Mark 16: 1-8; Revelation 1:9-18

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