Bible blog 2096

This is just a note for readers to provide an update to the register of blog topics offered in Blog 2000.

After completing a translation and commentary on Romans, blogs in December 2016 use the birth narratives in Matthew, plus a brief consideration of Philemon. From January 2017 all the blogs provide a translation and commentary on John’s Gospel, completed last week.

Re-reading the Gospel in Greek has been a positive and challenging experience. i have used existing resources, like dictionaries, notes on the bible society text, historical and geographical material, but no other commentaries. The errors of interpretation and doctrine are therefore all my own.

I have chosen for my next study, the Letter to Hebrews, which seems are daunting document to most people, as it contains so much which is rooted in Jewish ritual, but it is one of my favourities in biblical literature. I will as always, use the Greek text, but will offer a commentary on the King James Version, because it alone provides an image of the masterful long sentences of the original text.


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